Design Systems: Consistency, Efficiency & Collaboration in Creating Digital Products

Design Systems: Consistency, Efficiency & Collaboration in Creating Digital Products


Did you have any problems while using the current website? What are they, if any? These are some of the questions we ask in our discovery interviews with clients. What we hear quite a bit is that users feel like pages are disconnected, or the structure does not make sense, or some pages look inconsistent with the overall design. Ideally, whether your customers are using a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, consistent experience is crucial to a product's success. We want the users to have a memorable, intuitive, and enjoyable experience.

The challenges stem from the multitude of available products on the market, the constant evolvement of our daily interfaces, and the innovative solutions that contribute to the new digital age. There is also a need to deliver products faster to give the advantage to companies that bring their solutions first.

The information overload does make it more difficult to identify what is relevant. We raise bars every day for quality of products, efficiency and feature rich modules. Just like in any competitive markets, the customer is always right, in the world of digital, the end user defines what works and what does not. One of the areas that makes or breaks the success of the digital product is branded user-friendly experience. We need design systems to deliver just that, which we will discuss here.

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“ Collaboration is probably the most significant piece in the successful outcome of digital design and development. We found that many teams working together can deliver a much better and coherent experience for the end user than a small team can alone.”

– – Jenya Edelberg, Joseph Kilrain