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Collaboration, partnership, inclusivity instead of diversity, family-oriented values, commitment to high quality make us a dream team.

Jenya Edelberg Arcsec Digital
Jenya Edelberg
I'm a hockey mom to a Peewee player whose favorite movie is "Miracle”. While traveling between ice rinks and sitting on the cold benches, I find effective solutions utilizing technology. I’m mostly proud of our team that delivers top notch results. My favorite quote is: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”
Michael Edelberg Arcsec Digital
Michael Edelberg
My favorite thing to do is taping my son’s hockey sticks. My current focus is on what makes companies relevant with users by integrating technology and transforming to digital. I tell my son often: “strong mind - strong body”. In digital, I would rephrase it to “strong ethos - strong delivery.”
Vitaliy Obrevko Arcsec Digital
Director of Operations
Vitaliy Obrevko
Risk management, quick decision-making, tasks automation, tech tools to improve efficiency are just a few tricks up my sleeve. I believe that communication within the team is a key factor to success. I enjoy staying active and competing in sports in my free time.
Artem Kostrikov Arcsec Digital
Director of Engineering
Artem Kostrikov
I develop software, and I’m highly focused on evolving web and digital spaces. My experience in a variety of web stacks and back-end infrastructure allows our web projects to include user-engaging methods, interactive elements and improve functionality to the interfaces. I mostly enjoy server side scripting, structured query languages and API integrations to solve complex problems and address client’s needs. I always explore integrating technologies and pursue innovative solutions for data processing, user experience and management.
German Staltari Arcsec Digital
Director of Enterprise Architecture
German Staltari
Bio is coming soon...
Katerina Melnik Arcsec Digital
Director of Product Development
Katerina Melnik
Bio is coming soon...
Consuelo Monsegur Arcsec Digital
Director of Customer Experience
Consuelo Monsegur
I am a sports lover who is now trying to become a decent wing surfer. I consider myself a designer who is always learning. Actually focused on Interaction design, denying boundaries or labels that say what task is for who, and always trying to give my best.

The wing foil feeling of almost flying with no friction inspires me to create products that give users the same experience.
Stanislav Kashchishen Arcsec Digital
Art Director
Stanislav Kashchishen
Bio is coming soon...
Perla Gómez Arcsec Digital
Director of Digital Marketing
Perla Gómez
Bio is coming soon...
Pavel Velichko Arcsec Digital
Web Designer
Pavel Velichko
I am a creative and passionate web designer with experience in designing and developing clean, user-friendly websites. I enjoy creating engaging user interfaces, and developing themes for Webflow and Wordpress. In addition to my technical skills, I am a great team player and always strive to deliver my work on time. I am passionate about functional designs that look great and provide the best user experience.
Anastasia Kashchishena Arcsec Digital
Graphic Designer
Anastasia Kashchishena
Bio is coming soon...
Anna Montgomery Arcsec Digital
Accounting Lead
Anna Montgomery
I love crunching numbers and finding smart solutions to everyday tasks whether it’s just business or life. If there is anything I don’t know how to do, I’ll learn it and excel in it.

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